Everglades Fishing Spots

Everglades Fishing SpotsWe have provided Everglades fishing spots because there are many places to fish in and around the Florida Everglades. Don’t forget, everywhere you go you will need to get a license when fishing freshwater.

The Florida Everglades is one of the top fishing destinations in the world. I’ve spent my life fishing here and I know it like the back of my hand. I’m a full time fishing guide and would enjoy taking you on the fishing adventure of your lifetime, but if not with me here’s a few of my Everglades fishing spots for you to explore. We’ll travel through a maze of sheltered waters that produce spectacular, fast paced fishing action. From beginner to seasoned Everglades fishing anglers get an unforgettable fishing charter experience.

Why give my Everglades fishing spots?

As perhaps, the most recognized Everglades fishing guides in the freshwater industry, Everglades Fishing.net is proud to provide guided fishing trips in the Florida Everglades for everyone. Leaving from Naples and Fort Lauderdale on dedicated bass fishing boats, including angler gear and fishing guides. I will transport you deep into the core of the Everglades to fish the pristine waters for largemouth bass, redear and crappie.

The Everglades fishing consist of many different locations and styles of fishing. i love to fish the flats or marsh area during high water and canals during the low water conditions. Below are many of the locations great for freshwater bass fishing, these links will help you determine distance and conditions when considering travel and fishing with me. And remember I  have locations in Ft Lauderdale as well as Naples to accommodate you.

Sawgrass Recreational Area

Everglades Holiday Park

Holey Land

Alligator Alley

Mile Marker 35 

Mile Marker 41

Interceptor Canal

Golden Gate System

and many others………..