Holey Land

Holey land fishing tripHoley land located seventeen miles south of Lake Okeechobee and twenty five miles north of Fort Lauderdale, the 35,350-acre Holey Land Wildlife Management Area is part of the most northern extent of remaining Everglades saw-grass marsh.

North of the Holey land is the former marsh that has been drained for agriculture while Storm-water Treatment Area 3/4 and the newly constructed Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir lie to the east.  Here you can hunt white-tailed deer, common snipe, and marsh rabbit. Blue-winged teal, mottled ducks, and other waterfowl are found in the sloughs in the northeastern portion of the area.

Although Holey land is mostly extensive network of levees and canals constructed for flood control and water supply add ample opportunities for bird watching, big trophy bass fishing, hiking, and biking.

The fishing has become very popular do to the added water flow and mulitable depth changes. It’s one of the only place where you can fish the lily pads and grass patterns as well as depths of 30 plus feet for big bass.  It is not uncommon to catch 50 to 100 fish in a days fishing when fishing is on fire!

Holey Land Fishing Map