Fishing Rates

AM-PM Full-day (dawn to dusk) (Starting at) All-day $600.00

AM-PM Split-day (4 plus hours am – break – 4 plus hours pm) (Starting at) $525.00

Split-day (Full-day with a lunch break the middle) (Starting at) $425.00

Full days (at least 8 hours) (Starting at) $375.00

Super half days (at least 6 hours) (Starting at) $325.00

Half days (4 hours “A.M. or P.M.”) (Starting at) $275.00

Splash & Go Day 2 hours (Fishing & Sightseeing) (Starting at) $200.00

Bank Fishing “No Boat” (Great for the Kids & Fishing Lessons) 4 to 5 hours $200.00

Variety and Mulitable Day Trips
2-day variety pack One day at two different locations $800.00

3-day variety pack One day at three different locations $1200.00

Adding Additional Anglers above two
A third person added per boat is as follows…
On Splash & Go, 2 hr, 4 hr or 6 hr trips it’s additional $75.00
On 8 hr, AM-PM & All day trips it’s additional $100.00