Everglades Guide Trip Rates

Everglades Guide trip rates

Everglades Guide Trip Rates

AM-PM Full-day (dawn to dusk) All-day $525.00

AM-PM Split-day (4 plus hours am – break – 4 plus hours pm) $475.00

Split-day (Full-day with a lunch break the middle) (Starting at) $375.00

Full days (1 or 2 persons) at least 8 hours (Starting at) $350.00

Super half days (1 or 2 persons) at least 6 hours (Starting at) $300.00

Half days (1 or 2 persons) 4 hours “A.M. or P.M.” (Starting at) $275.00

Splash & Go Day (1 or 2 persons) 2 hours (Fishing & Sightseeing) $200.00

Bank Fishing “No Boat” (Great for the Kids & Fishing Lessons) 4 to 5 hours $200.00

Variety and Multiple Day Trips
2-day variety pack One day at two different locations $700.00

3-day variety pack One day at three different locations $1050.00

5-day variety pack One day at five different locations $1750.00

Adding Additional Anglers above two
A third person added per boat is as follows…
On Splash & Go, 2 hr & 4hr trips it’s additional $75.00
On 6 hr & 8hr trips it’s additional $75.00
On AM-PM & All day trips it’s additional $100.00

Our Everglades Guide Trip rates are very competitive, do not be fooled by other Everglades Charters claiming to offer good pricing. You will quickly find they are riddled with hidden fees and other charges. Our pricing is all inclusive; No Surprises just the fish we catch!

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When I am not available I will always recommend one of my closet friends and fellow guide for your next Everglades fishing trip.